Did You Know That Genesis Funds Its Own Research?

Did you know that Genesis funds its own research
So far in 2018 we have invested over $30,000 of our own funds into research to further our understanding of what causes Complex Regional Pain Syndrome. This novel internal investigation has enabled new collaborations with some key scientific leaders at the University of Sydney and allowed Genesis to develop new service capabilities, grow our clinical scope and provide cutting-edge research into projects which we are passionate about.
Complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS) is a debilitating condition where damage to a limb, often a fracture, results in an ongoing pain state that is disproportionate to the original injury. Unfortunately, because the exact cause of CRPS is currently unclear, no specific treatments that target the underlying cause have been developed. Based on our current understanding a role for the immune system in CRPS is emerging.
Therefore, in conjunction with the University of Sydney, we enrolled 30 participants and performed a detailed evaluation of the circulating white blood cells in volunteers with CRPS, as these cells represent a major part of the immune system. Using a brand-new technology, called mass cytometry, we were able to look at 38 different markers in each white blood cell. This enabled us to characterise and count each white blood cell and investigate whether it was in an activated state. We were then able to compare the number and activation of each white blood cell type, including specific types of T cells and dendritic cells, between CRPS and pain-free volunteers.
We are excited and eager to be able to share the complete results of this investigation later in the year and we thank all of those who participated in this research.
We hope that this work may one day lead to new, specialised, and more effective diagnosis and treatments for people living with CRPS.
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