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Working in clinical trials is a hugely rewarding, challenging, and fascinating career that puts you at the forefront of clinical progress. Here at Genesis Research Services, we work with local doctors as they take on the crucial roles of Principal Investigator (PI) or Sub-Investigator (Sub-I) to conduct clinical trials across a wide range of therapeutic areas. We are committed to providing our investigators with full research support, training resources, and dedicated facilities to ensure high-quality and safe clinical trial conduct. 

Meet our team of Investigators and research staff.

If you are a medical doctor (GP or Specialist) looking to get involved in medical research, you may be interested in joining our growing network of investigative doctors. While working with Genesis, you may be involved in conducting Phase I (including First-in-Human) through to Phase IV (post-market) clinical trials. Our clients include medical device and pharmaceutical companies from around the world.

View a list of trials that we have conducted here.

As a clinical trial Investigator, your responsibilities will include:

  • Conducting the trial in accordance with the study protocol and Good Clinical Practice (GCP) guidelines.
  • Maintaining GCP certification. You will have full access to our online GCP training course.
  • Completing study-specific training (e.g., protocol training).
  • Knowledge and accountability of the investigational product (IP).
  • Screening participants against eligibility criteria.
  • Obtaining informed consent.
  • Administering study treatment.
  • Conducting participant study visits and assessments.
  • Reporting adverse events.
  • Providing necessary medical care and ensuring the safety of participants.
  • Maintain complete and accurate documentation of study activities.

The PI is also responsible for oversight of the study, delegation of study duties, ensuring training of Sub-I’s and research staff, and compliance with ethical (HREC) and regulatory requirements.

Certain activities may be delegated to appropriately trained research staff, such as a clinical trial coordinator.

Our team of experienced clinical trial coordinators and dedicated research staff will take care of all other tasks and support you throughout the trial.

Our coordinators regularly perform the following duties and more:

  • Managing ethics submissions and reports.
  • Preparing study materials and maintaining the study site file.
  • Recruiting and pre-screening potential participants.
  • Coordinating participant screening tests, procedures, and study visits.
  • Administering participant questionnaires and performing study assessments where appropriate.
  • Data collection, data entry, and responding to queries.
  • Dispensing trial medication.
  • Recording vitals, collecting bloods, performing ECGs, and booking imaging.
  • Arranging monitoring and auditing visits.
  • Liaising with the study sponsor, contract research organisation (CRO), hospital staff, and other stakeholders.

We will ensure timely payment for investigator time and procedures performed, and coordinate study visits to suit your schedule.

We also conduct investigator-initiated studies and can assist with study design and development of study protocols.

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