Participant Recruitment Services

At Genesis, our mission is to improve the clinical trial recruitment landscape to contribute to medical advancement. By facilitating contemporary recruitment processes, we are able to increase the recruitment rate for your study. We personalise the participant experience, providing screening opportunities 24 / 7 with instant notification of results.

Our high value, efficient campaigns generate more leads per dollar than traditional options. 

Save time and valuable resources for clinical teams by providing pre-qualified candidates in their local area. Our flexible approach allows for site-specific planning and our Australian-based office means no timezone issues with recruitment support.

Save time and money by using our 24 / 7 custom pre-screening system. We filter through hundreds of enquiries to deliver the best candidates to your sites. Pre-screening services include protocol review, questionnaire design, automation for round-the-clock access, automatic notifications, and integration with advertising platforms. 

Study sites will benefit from custom study ads, with flexible systems that are adaptable to the site needs. We provide sites with full control over their referral volume to ensure matched capacity, giving patients a pleasant experience with the study from the start. 

We support both digital and print media design including: 

  • Custom study websites 
  • Social media 
  • Google ads 
  • Newspaper / magazines 
  • Brochures / posters 
  • GP referral letters 

Our team will arrange all security and hosting requirements for digital ads. Your digital ads will have optimum placement to receive the highest value for money. We track progress, adjust as needed and report all results back to sites and sponsors.

Participant recruitment services, for clinical trials Genesis Research Services, Newcastle Australia

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