Our Mission, Values, and Philosophy


Improving health outcomes through innovation.

Core Values


  • Ethical
  • Transparency
  • Diligence


  • Compassion
  • Welcoming
  • Diversity

Quality Care

  • Supportive
  • Evidence-based
  • Patient-focused


  • Cutting-edge research
  • Opportunity


  • Community
  • Collaboration
  • Teamwork


We are committed to our community, participants, staff, and clients.


We believe our first responsibility is to our community; to provide a centre with the capabilities of linking local specialist doctors with appropriate clinical trial opportunities so our community has access to innovative technologies and potential new treatments. 

We provide hope to our community by expanding available healthcare options.


We believe in creating a positive experience through interactions with friendly, capable staff and approachable doctors. 

Participants will always be treated with great care and respect, with each human interaction being valued and each person being assessed for their individual needs to achieve quality outcomes for each person.


We will work diligently to ensure our staff are supported in their complex roles, and provide opportunities for career growth. We will strive for the highest standards in everything we do and have a culture of open communication for continuous quality improvement. 

Our staff will enjoy health initiatives to provide a foundation for taking on new challenges and building innovative attitudes.


We are responsible to our clients and the projects we are fortunate to work on. We will provide quality data, exceed recruitment goals and be highly responsive in all interactions. 

Our client’s expectations will be exceeded and we will continue to experiment with new ideas to improve our services. We will always operate with integrity, committing to the highest quality output in the most efficient way.