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Medical Devices – Intrathecal Drug Pump Therapy for Chronic Pain

Drug pump therapy is an advanced treatment option for chronic pain patients who haven’t achieved enough pain relief with other treatments. Drug pump therapy is known by many other names, such as pain pump therapy, intrathecal drug delivery, spinal drug delivery, infusion pump therapy, intraspinal drug therapy and spinal analgesia. Drug pump therapy is also [...]

Clinical Trials – Medical Device Trials

Here at Genesis Research Services, we conduct a large number of clinical trials for new medical devices, as well as pharmaceutical / drug trials. In general, the approach to testing devices is fairly similar to testing new drugs - there is a need for preclinical research, there are strict regulations, safety and ethical requirements, and [...]

Medical Devices – Neuromodulation / Neurostimulation for Chronic Pain

Neuromodulation represents an advanced pain management therapy for patients with chronic, refractory pain. The term “neuromodulation” refers to the therapeutic administration of electrical stimulation (or chemical agents) directly to the nervous system (spinal cord, brain or peripheral nerves) in order to modulate nerve cell activity. The aim is to interrupt pain signalling at the point [...]

Medical Device Trials – Site Perspectives on Sponsor Relationship Management

One of the most obvious differences between pharma and device studies is the presence and involvement of the device specialist or biomedical engineer or device programmer. These sponsor delegates play an exceedingly crucial role within the study and may be responsible for, amongst other things.: Ensuring optimal device function Responding to device deficiencies Collection [...]

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Medical Device Trials – Site Perspectives – Participant Care and Management

The differences between pharmaceutical and medical devices studies at a site are often no more pronounced than in the care and ongoing management of clinical trial participants themselves. The entire participant journey, from recruitment to trial conduct and even post trial support and follow up is influenced significantly by the investigation or application of [...]

Precautious measures against COVID-19

To reduce the spread of COVID 19, we will be contacting participants before their appointments to ensure they are well and have not been to any affected areas. In order to protect both participants and staff, we have implemented daily temperature checking for all. We will ask all participants to check in via our QR code or log book. Masks will be provided if required. This continuous monitoring is the only way to reduce the incidence of infection. We trust that you understand that we have your best interests at heart and hope you stay well.

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