Participant Recruitment – Celebrating 5 Years on Social Media

Celebrating 5 years on social media! - Newcastle Research Institute - Genesis Research Services

5 years ago…

5 years ago we decided to join our first social media platform, Facebook and use it as a means to connect local people with clinical trials. We were frustrated by the available options for recruiting participants into clinical trials and believed there had to be a better way. We had the belief and support of some of our study clients and our clinical trial recruitment system was born.

And now?

Since then, our services have expanded to include the provision of participant recruitment support to sites around Australia and New Zealand, and clients around the world. We believe strongly in the right of participants to have access to information regarding clinical trials that could suit them and to be able to connect directly with research centres to learn more. We now provide recruitment services to major public hospitals, private clinical trials sites, and CROs and sponsors of all sizes! Our team build custom study websites, develop digital and automated pre-screening forms, create and manage social media campaigns and deliver pre-qualified and interested study candidates to the sites we work with to boost study efficiencies.

We are thrilled to have connected over 2.5 million people with clinical trial information in the last 5 years and look forward to making a difference in the lives of participants and clinical trials for years to come!

Newcastle Research Institute - Genesis Research Services
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