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Genesis Research Services is committed to providing unique, accessible, and contemporary educational and training resources for clinical research professionals. Our aim is to champion professional and institutional development in clinical trials research by delivering real-world and readily usable content for professionals working in the research industry, regardless of background, role, or experience level.

Developing and expanding a successful career in research requires a contemporary understanding of clinical trial concepts and an ongoing awareness of the constantly evolving clinical trials landscape. To this end, we have developed the Research Fundamentals Training Course with the aim to provide a comprehensive introduction to key aspects of clinical trials in a step-by-step fashion and break down complex concepts often encountered in the world of clinical research.

The Research Fundamentals Training Course is intended for any clinical research professional, particularly those who are new to or looking to enter the industry, and those looking to expand or solidify their understanding of essential clinical trial concepts. The essential knowledge covered is relevant to all research professionals involved in the design, conduct, management, recording, analysis, and/or reporting of clinical trials.

This course has been developed by a team of experienced clinical research professionals, including clinical trial site managers, medical researchers, and clinical trial coordinators.

Course Overview

The Research Fundamentals Training Course is an online, self-paced learning course that consists of four (4) lessons (units) that may be used towards your yearly CPD portfolio.

Each unit is organised into a series of topics. Written content is accompanied by videos, links to recommended readings (journal articles and other resources), summary tables, and diagrams (including our own purpose-made infographics). A comprehensive reference list of accessible peer-reviewed journal articles and reputable web resources is also provided to further support your learning.

Each unit includes a reflection of learning activities in the form of an assessment quiz, consisting of various multiple choice and interactive questions. 

A certificate of completion is issued upon the successful completion of the training course.

The units are designed to complement each other and expand your level of clinical trials knowledge. The units can be completed at your own pace, at a time that suits you. We highly recommend completing the units in the set order.

The expected duration of each unit, including the recommended readings and assessment quiz, is 2 hours.

Course Units

This unit provides a thorough introduction to clinical trials research. You will learn about the research roadmap, the different phases of research, developing a research question, hypothesis, and objectives, and what is involved in protocol development and site selection. This unit also provides an overview of what a typical clinical trial may involve, including participant recruitment, enrolment, and study visits.

This unit provides a brief introduction to the regulation of human research, the roles of the stakeholders involved, and the responsibilities that each stakeholder has in the lifecycle of clinical trials research.

This unit covers primary clinical trial design elements and commonly adopted structural study designs. You will learn about their purpose, unique functions, methodologies, and the advantages and disadvantages of each, as well as other important things to consider when designing a clinical trial, such as bias.

This unit covers fundamental statistical concepts relevant to clinical trials, including key definitions and basic methods by which data generated can be summarised and analysed. You will learn about hypothesis testing and statistical significance, and the importance of correct interpretation and critical appraisal of trial results.


Please read the instructions by clicking on the tabs below. Following these instructions will ensure that your progress is updated correctly and that your certificate displays the correct information. If you are experiencing any issues with the course, please refer to the Frequently Asked Questions before contacting us.

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