Over the past 4 years GRS has created and implemented a unique and standardised framework for workplace health and safety in clinical trials research at a site level. This robust system represents our strong commitment to demonstrating best-practice and innovative approaches when it comes to site management and workplace health and safety.

Each year, as a team, we highlight and identify both essential and desired wellness and safety outcomes for the year within our company and for our staff.

In 2019 our newly developed health and safety objectives include:

  1. Actively promote psychological and emotional well-being within GRS
  2. Implement, review and improve GRS’s Work Health and Safety Management Plan (WHSMP)
  3. Improve Genesis’s Work Health and Safety Management by encouraging and implementing workplace physical therapy initiatives
  4. Zero Harm

Actionable team initiatives to address these goals include, but are not limited to:

  1. Regular team social events such as coffee at a café, lunch or after-hours events
  2. Team craft/art activities available (e.g. mindfulness colouring books, origami or other papercraft, sketchbooks
  3. Meditation, relaxation or massage sessions
  4. Birthday celebrations
  5. Monthly awards at team meetings focusing on light-hearted and humorous work events
  6. Maintain and develop initiatives including updated risk identification, management and awareness documentation to prevent and reduce injuries caused by potential mechanisms at GRS
  7. Minimise hazardous manual tasks (ergonomic, repetitive strain and manual handling)
  8. Establish team meal time eating outside
  9. Establish regular walking meetings and twice daily block walks
  10. Encourage casual clothes day fortnightly
  11. Establish regular stretching breaks

The benefits of this maintaining this practice over the years besides minimising injury and illness in the workplace, reducing the costs of injury and workers’ compensation and ensuring we meet our legal obligations and employer responsibilities has been to foster an inclusive system whereby all team members contribute to business goals and help to promote satisfaction and productivity within GRS.