The trials we work on vary greatly, but one of the things we can control is the way we care for our participants. We reached out to some of our volunteers and this is what they had to say!
“They were wonderful, caring and very helpful. Lovely to work with.”

“I have always found the staff at Genesis to be very pleasant and genuinely interested and caring in my welfare. I looked forward to seeing them each visit.”

“Awesome staff all around the board from the front desk to the doctors.”

“All staff very professional, thorough and efficient. No concerns at all.”

Combined with numerous other respondents, we received 100% ‘very satisfied’ volunteers for their overall experience with us and 100% satisfaction with the attitude and behaviour of our staff.

100% of volunteers felt we maintained their privacy and confidentiality and all respondents also indicated they would be willing to participate in another clinical trial with us!

We are overwhelmed to have such a positive response from our volunteers and thank them for participating in our research!

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