Genesis Research Services is pleased to announce our 2018 re-certification under ISO9001:2016 for our Quality Management System. Our company has maintained certification under ISO standards for 4 consecutive years.

ISO certification confirms that the Genesis Quality Management System applies formal business practices and measurable quality standards in areas such as clinical trial management, human resources, training, operations, customer service, documentation, and contract compliance. During the third-party audit by Global Mark, Genesis’ QMS was reviewed to ensure proper implementation, procedure compliance, and proof of continuous process improvements, as required by the ISO 9001:2016 standard.

The Genesis-developed and maintained internal Quality Management System (QMS) provides a unique framework for private research centre business management in Australia and has conformed to the requirements of the ISO 9001 international standard since first certification in 2015.

“Maintaining our ISO certification allows us to monitor and continually improve our Quality Management System in order to give our customers and participants peace-of-mind that the services we provide will meet and ideally exceed their expectations. It is our commitment to always do what we say we will. Our re-certification to the new ISO 9001:2016 standard exemplifies Genesis Research Services’ dedication to the overall quality of our research operations.”

Chief Executive Officer

Dom Bailey