Good Clinical Practice (ICH GCP) Course Updates

Thank you to all who have completed our free online ICH-GCP training course and provided feedback. We appreciate you taking the time to answer our student evaluation survey. We have reviewed your survey responses and comments and have implemented the following changes: Images and video have been optimised for faster screen loading Added [...]

July 20th, 2020|

Clinical Trial Feasibility and Capacity Planning Tool

1. GENERAL INFORMATION Full Study Title and Trial Number: Sponsor: PI Undertaking Study: Intended Study Commencement Date: HREC Submission Date: Date of Site Selection: Assigned Lead CTC: Start Up Primary Contact Sponsor/CRO: Name: Email: Study Primary Contact Sponsor/CRO: Name: as above Email: Sponsors Intended Commencement Date: HREC Approval Date: 2. RECRUITMENT Would any of [...]

June 23rd, 2020|

Medical Writing – What Does a Medical Writer Do?

Medical writing is a profession dedicated to the communication of medical, scientific and health information, including research reports, consumer (patient) information, and regulatory documents. What is a Medical Writer? A professional medical writer is someone who has an adequate understanding of medical, scientific and health terms and concepts, and the skills to translate such [...]

March 2nd, 2020|

Participant Recruitment – celebrating 5 years on social media

5 years ago... 5 years ago we decided to join our first social media platform, Facebook and use it as a means to connect local people with clinical trials. We were frustrated by the available options for recruiting participants into clinical trials and believed there had to be a better way. We had the [...]

December 11th, 2019|

A Business Case for a Pain-Neuromodulation Research Network

Clinical trial sites in Australia provide valuable and meaningful contribution to their local and surrounding communities by way of providing access to novel and compelling therapies for a variety of disease states. The value to customers, such as sponsors and CRO’s is addressing a geographical-based necessity for clinical trial data in a professional, efficient [...]

January 14th, 2019|

The New Principles of Research Site Communications Best Practice

What management system does your site use to share information between people internal and external to your enterprise that is performed for site benefit and moreover, how does it help your site address risk? I think this is something few clinical research sites ever really consider but is one of the most important aspects [...]

July 5th, 2018|

Opinion: Exploring the Concept of Quality Management for Clinical Research Sites

A Quality Management System (QMS) is a formalised system that documents strategies processes, procedures, and responsibilities for achieving quality policies and objectives. Furthermore, quality management in the clinical research setting can often be defined as compliance with requirements of the trial process and the credibility and reliability of the data obtained. One can find [...]

June 26th, 2018|

Site Development Series: Creating Buyer Personas for Your Research Site

Business success in clinical research is elusive. Like all business, including clinical research, to be successful or to be able to provide the service you hoped for, it is important to ensure viability and sustainability of your enterprise first. By this, I mean quite simple things, such as being able to assure your team [...]

February 5th, 2018|

Precautious measures against COVID-19

To reduce the spread of COVID 19, we will be contacting participants before their appointments to ensure they are well. In order to protect both participants and staff, we have implemented daily temperature checking for all. This continuous monitoring is the only way to reduce the incidence of infection. We trust you understand that we have your best interests at heart and hope you stay well.

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