We are pleased to advise that Hunter Clinical Research is now operating under the name of Genesis Research Services.

Genesis is the new clinical research company created by former site operations of Hunter Clinical Research and encompasses our new volunteer recruitment division as well as the development of site consultation services.

Genesis comes with a new logo and visual identity. The name Genesis is synonymous with creation, energy, and reaction. The colours and lines throughout the logo represent first light/formation which is relevant to the development of new medical treatments and also the development of new services to assist with growth in our industry. The concept foundation of energy and growth is in harmony with our company mission of remaining a progressive clinical trials business.

You will start to see the Genesis name and logo appearing on our company materials. The legal entities through which we operate have been renamed from Australian Pain Research Centre Pty Ltd trading as Hunter Clinical Research to Genesis Research Services Pty Limited. All other company information remains the same.

Importantly, none of these changes will impact the way in which we interact with our customers, partners and suppliers. We remain fully committed to our role as a progressive clinical research centre in Australia and will continue to provide quality services to our participants and research partners both locally and internationally.

We are excited about our new brand and the future it represents. We hope you are too.

Our contact details 

Telephone     +61 2 4985 1860

Fax                  +61 2 4962 2046

Address          220 Denison Street, Broadmeadow NSW 2292 Australia

Website          www.genesisresearchservices.com